The Adventures Of, Harold From The Hood:

A Trip To The Park

The Adventures Of Harold From The Hood is the first of my series of children’s books.

The purpose of writing this book is to help teach valuable social interactive skills which is important to cultivate healthy and unbiased connections with others. These are learned skills that will be utilized over a lifetime. During the childhood stage of development is when many social aspects can be learned and reinforced through positive praise and recognition. This book also looks to explore accepting other differences as our society continues to progress towards a more diverse population and climate.

I hope that parents and children will enjoy reading my book.. Stayed tuned there are more books coming!

Top reviews from the United States

Very good message for kids

This book was a great introduction to discussing differences and accepting others despite having differences. It was a very positive message about just liking each other for who you are, not what you are. My son really enjoyed the book, and I enjoyed the positive message. Looking forward to more books in the series!

Simple, vibrant, and to the point. Well done

The author uses vibrant colors and simple language to convey a poignant ongoing issue in our world. The issue of exclusion. Sometimes it’s racism, or sexism, or classism. That list is sadly endless. Here the author uses the love of skateboarding as a symbol of the many things that can unite us. He demonstrates the sadness of how there are those in the world who refuse to embrace diversity, but there is always hope as there is always someone who identifies with us somehow, regardless of the differences between us. In the end we all just want to be happy.

Valuable Lessons!

I bought this book for my niece and another for a good friend’s son. Highly recommend for both girls and boys! Harold from the Hood reinforces acceptance and inclusion – very important for children to understand as early as possible so they can help build a better world for us all. Look forward to upcoming additions to the series.

A story of acceptance

This is a great read for young children and school-age alike! The repetitive patterns in the story help reinforce reading strategies and skills, while also reinforcing an important message for everyone: accepting and celebrating our differences makes for more fun for everyone. My nephew loves the characters!

This book is not only for children it's a great book for adults

The author did an amazing job with this book, getting ready to order the 2nd book in the series of Harold ..

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The Adventures Of, Harold From The Hood: A Trip To The Park

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